Wealth creation and preservation
Having reviewed your current financial position and helped establish your goals and risk profile, we will help you work out an effective wealth creation strategy. With access to all asset classes we are both well-placed and highly experienced in helping clients meet their long-term wealth creation goals.

Superannuation and Self-Managed Super Funds
Superannuation offers the most tax-effective investment vehicle available today. How best to manage assets in your superannuation, whether inside or outside a Self-Managed Super Fund, is core to our service offering. We remain fully appraised of the changing legislative and market landscape affecting superannuation.

Retirement Planning
Superannuation often forms a key element of retirement planning, but there are compelling reasons why diversifying outside super may also be prudent. We can provide suggested asset classes to consider based on an overall appraisal of your goals, risk profile and current asset allocations.

Estate planning
The next 20 years will see the great transfer of wealth in Australian history. Ensuring that your hard-won assets are inherited by the beneficiaries of your choice is a key part of your legacy. We can help you ensure that your legacy is protected.

Direct equities and Exchange Traded Funds
Direct access to trading in local shares, as well as access to global shares via Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) is a key point of differentiation for Prosperion Wealth Management. We offer a dynamic approach to your wealth management experience beyond the professional standard of managed funds, including access to the micro-cap to mid-cap sector of the stock-market.

Margin Lending
Some clients may benefit from the leveraging effects of margin lending during their wealth accumulation phase. We can help determine if margin lending is appropriate to you, and how best to structure it within your overall management plan.

Asset allocation and portfolio management
This is core to your wealth management journey, and we advise rigorous review of your asset allocation, particularly as you progress from one phase to another. An asset allocation mix may typically comprise managed funds, direct shares, ETFs, property, bonds and term deposits, both inside and outside superannuation.

Structural tax planning
We have the depth of knowledge and experience to best structure your investments not only to meet your wealth management goals, but also to deliver optimal benefit within existing tax regimes.

Debt management
We can help advise on and source the most appropriate debt financing for your needs with access to a range of institutions to best service your requirements.

Term deposit management
Managing term deposits is an ongoing and necessary part of our wealth management service offering.

Insurance/risk planning
We provide access to the full suite of protection products that help mitigate the challenges caused by unforeseen death, major accidents and illness. We can also provide a guide through the sometimes complex process of choosing the optimal policy and level of cover.

Our services include an extensive fact-finding process to determine a client’s financial goals and how we help achieve them. We offer a range of financial services individually tailored to each of our clients wealth management needs.

We are committed to guiding our clients through every phase of your wealth management journey, from foundation and accumulation to preservation and succession strategies